My Name is Bob Apple

I am prepared, willing & able to represent Spokane & its Citizens.

Bob Apple Spokane

Hi, my name is Bob Apple.

I have lived in Spokane my entire life, owned businesses here and previously served on the Spokane City Council.

Spokane and the people who live here are important to me. I do not believe we have been properly represented in Olympia. Washington’s state government has taken advantage of Spokane and has not delivered on the promise of accountable, transparent and efficient government.

The state continually raises taxes, routinely increases the number of stifling laws and regulations while favoring a few partisan actors at the expense of the Spokane community. As County Commissioner I will fight against expensive, wasteful and often corrupt government, while working to make your government more transparent and responsive to citizens of Spokane.



Born in Spokane. Worked in Spokane. Served Spokane. Led Spokane.


Civic Activities

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Always For Spokane

Bob Apple Spokane
Bob Apple Serving On The Spokane City Council

Bob Apple served two full terms on the Spokane City Council. He was a consistent voice for accountable government and fought against waste, fraud and corruption.

Bob has served on many city & state committees and has always made himself available to the Spokane Citizens whether they live in his Council District or not.

Vote for Bob Apple & support his efforts to hold government accountable and fight of political favoritism, wasteful spending and regressive regulations that hurt businesses and citizens of Spokane.



Business Owner
City Council Member



High School

Bob is Seeking Honest Goverment

Primary Issues are Taxes, Jobs & Affordable Housing

1. Taxes are too high and Spokane is only receiving a fraction of the value our hard earned dollars pay for. I intend to demand better accounting, financial oversight and eliminate wasteful and often time corrupt state & local spending practices.

2. Spokane needs more and better paying jobs. The past policies of local and State government have driven away companies and employers. Our state has not been friendly towards businesses and often is abusive. I want to make Spokane and Washington State a good and fair partner to investors, corporations and especially small businesses.

3. Spokane needs affordable Housing now. State and City policies are a disincentive to new construction. We need more and better housing supply and must create a fair and respectful business environment that attracts builders and investors who will help us expand the supply of desperately need housing.

Bob Apple Spokane Washington

Bob Apple Spokane Washington

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