This is appalling for all to many reasons and as a result against everything we Americans stand for. Jailing recommended and occuring, by Spokane County Health Director Bob Lutz with no COVID-19 DNA comparison evidence and in fact no real evidence but opinions that should never be allowed in a criminal case without real evidence, opinion and that is all that exists. Sure a person refused to give up there rights but then the health people also failed to prove there contentions and accusation regarding an virus that is claimed this person has and is not and cannot be proven because the US CDC still after months have not released any DNA mapping of this COVID-19 virus and clearly a major reason why the National Health Emergency has been called off. The only crime being perpetrated is by our own community officials who have allowed this gross injustice to have illegally occurred and as a clear violation of the oaths these officials gave. It makes me sick to my stomach and all the real guilty parties to this fear based attack on a citizen must be exposed. ~ Bob Apple