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Citizen Alliance for Property Rights Presents a Webinar on Thursday, July 23rd titled “A Tale of Tyranny.”

The citizen Alliance for Property Rights is presenting a Webinar titled ” A Tale of Tyranny” on Thursday, July 23rd from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. For more information and to register for this event go to this link:

From the CAPR.US:

Criminalizing Land Use
A Conversation with Ed Kilduff and Lindsay Trottner
A Tale of Tyranny – Danny Brocker
Jailed for land use, will this be the “new normal”?
How did Danny Brocker become the first man jailed in Whatcom County for a land use violation?
Does this jailing make sense at a time when actual criminals have been released under the cover of COVID-19?

Ed Kilduff is a well respected land use specialist, hydrogeologist, and engineering geologist with a factual understanding of this case.

Lindsay Trottner is the wife of Danny Brocker and has extensive documentation of county actions leading to the jailing of Danny Brocker for a violation of a stop work order.

Listen to this Tale of Tyranny, is this an action that is just, right, or justified?