Bob Apple Spokane Washignton

False COVID-19 Mandates by Governor Jay Inslee

It was exposed in a Washington State Court during a case filed by Restore Washington that Governor Jay Inslee stated he cannot be sued for his recent proclamations and decrees involving COVID-19 mandates as they were only recommendations. It now appears all requirements imposed on the public and our businesses under the Governor’s COVID-19 mandates have no force of law, contrary to previous statements and directives by the Governor.

Government agencies that purport to have authority to enforce mask mandates based upon the Governors Proclamations and directives have just learned they do not have such authority. According to Governor Jay Inslee, all the threats and impositions placed against the general public and businesses were only meant as recommendations. State & local government agencies that continue to illegally enforce mask mandates need to be dealt with in the Courts as well as in the State Legislature where remedies to these unjust actions can and must be made.

It is time to vote for a political change in leadership in WA State. ~ Bob Apple